Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I went to Bukit Tinggi...

I went to....
with my aunt.
lol =.="

I know is very normal
I will say like that is bcoz when we are coming back from the BUKIT TINGGI,
We are thinking about going to the famous theme park and the cool place in PAHANG the next day!!!
And the place is...
Are you ready?
The place is....GENTING HIGHLANDS!!!! 

When I hear it, I am happy .like cannot happy already.
BUT the problem is,
 We need to ask our parent wether they let us go or not...
But I wish they will let us go to enjoy and our exam is over!

I am soooo scare that they will say NO...

I am done writing my blog.
Yeah and BYE BYE......

Monday, March 12, 2012

I am SICK!!!!! And I do Walffer..

I am having a STOMACHACHE...
I need to go HOSPITAL~~
BUT I think I know why I am sick.
It's bcoz I just ate the walffer ( I think it spell like this.. )
I don't really need to go hospital because I think is just a normal sick!!
But the problem is....

I need to go to the toilet to SHIT every hour!!!

I ate waffer just now!
I know when you read this you will say something like...
Walffer only mah, what sooo nice to show off!
Everywhere also got sell...

BUT acttually the walffer.... I made it myself!
Cool right

Oh oh....
U need to go to the toilet again
I mean I need to go to the toilet again